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See and feel the difference after the very 1st treatment!

The DNS SE+ (second Edition Plus) Roller is a entirely new design introduced by our skin experts to cater for the ongoing demand for improved treatment results. It's high quality appearance is reflected by its state of art components, including a range of excitingly new features; The DNS SE Model has electrical power supply, no batteries are ever needed!!

PHOTON implenenation

The DNS SE + is equipped with an independent photon emitter with options of producing rays between the range of 470nm to 640nm. This added feature provides more options for the treatment and helps secure the incredible and long lasting effect (Photon colors are handle specific)

RED Photon increases the Oxygen level of our skin and enhances cell activies, anti aging, improves the texture of our skin.

SENSE implementation

SENSE is a vibration feature which we fine tune to optimal. The subtle vibrating pattern intensifies absorption and enhances the penetration of nutrient to our lower derma where it is most needed. Price 65.00 + Taxes & shipping

We also offer

DNS Classic 8-Line Derma Roller

Conventional methods of skin nourishment feed only the upper layer of our epidermal. The effects are often slow working and insignificant as the average absorption level of our skin only reaches a mere 3%. As a result, the expensive lotion or serum that are mostly wasted. To maximize the absorption process, skin scientists developed the technique of Derma Needling Therapy to effectively increase the penetration of nutrients by producing microscopic to our derma. The Minute opening will faclitate the inflow of the applied lotion, thus allowing our lower derma to directlysoak up the precious nutrients. In addition to the nourishment, the treatment also stimulates a self healing process which triggers our skin cells to produce high doses of collagen to construct firmer and younger looking skin. 

The simple and elegantly designed DNS Classis Roller is the orginal Derma Needling Systems. The simple is one of most commonly used tool for performing micro needling therapy. Its refined titanium alloy needles are smaller in radius and sharper at the tip, allowing more accurate and refined punctures that enchances the results of the treatment.

The DNS Classic Series Roller is embedded with 200 individual needles, offering the basic necessity for performing the micro needling treatment.

Price 20.00 + Taxes & Shipping

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