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DermaEssence EXTREME Serum

Best Serum you will ever purchase

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Welcome to My Cambridge Health Clinic

Introducing our NEW skincare product

DermaEssence E X T R E M E Serum

Spend $75.00 or more a receive Free Shipping (within Canada)

This Extremely high-performance formula is now being manufactured for

My Cambridge Health & I look forward in sharing this skincare product with you.

DermaEssence E X T R E M E serum is the most comprehensive anti-aging ever.

My promise is that if you don't simply love this serum I will refund you 100%

Sincerely Deborah Capstick Owner of My Cambridge Health

Advanced with exclusive repair technology, it is proven to significantly reduce major signs of visable aging. So effective, this powerful recovery supports the natural synchronization of skin's night or daytime process.

Similar serums with inferior ingredients are currently being sold for over $300.00 an ounce. This amazing serum is sold for only $65.00 for 1.7 oz.

WHY?...I can offer you this price because I'm not paying millions of dollars in advertising like the Brand Name companies who invest to get their products noticed. DermaEssence is currently being sold at my clinic and NOW featured on my website for on-line shopping.

COMING soon DermaEssence Skintasic Mist..Look 10 years younger with our fabulous firming mist. Simply mist face and viola, instant tighter firmer skin. Say goodbye to large pores, your skin will feel and look flawless.

Mist for that special event andRED CARPET ready.

WARNING Skintastic can become very additive!

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