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Treatment for acne skin

What is LED light therapy?

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Why is it so important in the skin care industry? Let this article tell you more about this photo rejuvenation technology to reveal your most beautiful skin ever

LED Light Therapy is a cosmetic procedure that takes advantage of the power of controlled radiation to penetrate the skin tissues. This procedure is safe, painless, and gentle to the skin. Contrary to some negative feedback, this treatment is comfortable and painless.

Even with its effectiveness and safety, light treatments are not meant to be used every day. You need to allow the skin to rest from the treatment. Hence, the recommended usage is 2 - 3 times a week. Each treatment session needs to last for around thirty minutes.

Red LED Light Therapy. This is specifically for anti aging purposes. The red light can soothe sun damaged skin as well as reverse the signs of aging. It is great for sagging skin and freckled skin. For some customers, the Red LED therapy may also heal acne problems.

Blue LED Light Therapy. This is specifically for Acne skin, the blue light helps fight bacteria.

Yellow LED Therapy. This is specially for Aging skin.

Come and visit us at My Cambridge Health and find out more about your guide to more beautiful, youthful skin.

Deborah A Capstick D.Ac


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